At the end of the century, a legend was born. Its name: Kemen. 

Located in the Basque Country, where arms manufacturers have enjoyed an excellent reputation over the centuries. 


High competition shooters worldwide and hunters of international prestige choose our Kemen shotguns for their quality, reliability and uniqueness. 


The strength of Kemen can be summed up by the company becoming a benchmark in the field of shotguns in little more than 30 years, both in the hunting and sports sector. 


We combine a demanding selection of materials used in the manufacture of our shotguns with the impeccable work of our craftsmen. The reliability of our products is such that the mechanical processes of all Kemen shotguns are guaranteed. 

Cyprus Distributor: 

Vasilis Vasiliou

Tel: 99479611

Email: vasvasiliou23@gmail.com 

Authorised Dealer: 

Tel: 96321701

Email: realgame@cablenet.com.cy